A Musical Journey

As a child, Robin’s precocious musical passion was stoked by Sunday afternoons tuning in to the songs Casey Kasem announced on her parent’s antique stereo.  Even before she was five years old she was phoning in her requests, ardently hoping to hear her favorites played on the show. As she developed, Robin honed her style on old country classics, gritty rock tunes, and new pop hits, cultivating a unique sound that combines the best of all worlds.

Ms. Wiley’s buoyant spirit shines through in her latest album, “Sunflower“. This record manages to be bright, almost playful, while delving into the depths issues that confront the everyday person. Her songs give the distinct impression that success hasn’t robbed her of a sincere and humble sense of humanity. You can feel it in the honesty of her voice and the clarity of her lyrics. Robin just gets it. She’s one of us.

Robin’s previous work includes the album “Somethin’ Bout Love“ and single “What About Me“. Other notable achievements include a number of voice-overs, jingles, an active role in a movie commemorating the life of Woody Guthrie, and acting appearances on “Jimmel Kimmel Live,” “Sarah Silverman,” and “Ghost Whisperers.”

Robin has dedicated her life to making a difference through music and action. As an avowed abolitionist against child slavery, she devotes time and effort to LOVE146, a charity for victims of child trafficking. (Click here to read what Robin has to say about LOVE146.) She also recently partnered with World Vision to support children.



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