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Sunflower Album

This album was born of a collaborative effort between Buck Lovett and I. Around five years ago, Buck and I started working out of his shed in Buda, Texas or out of my parents house in Wimberley. I would fly into Austin and he would fly to California for some intensive song-writing. At times, Ed Berghoff would come to work with us. His input and experience, gained from working with artists such as Garth Brooks and Wynona Judd, was invaluable.

This last summer, we brainstormed about what to call the album for days in Buck’s mom’s backyard. At one particular moment I stopped to admire the beautiful sunflowers that were just beaming at us and wondered how it was that I had never really noticed them before. From that moment on I was surprised to see sunflowers almost everywhere I went.

The theme song for the album was co-written by the lovely and talented Vicki Homes from EvenBreak Productions. It fit so well with the overall theme of the album and the focus on peace, life, understanding, love found and lost, helping children who are suffering, and being spiritually grateful.  Thank you Vicki, Buck, and EVERYONE who worked on this project!

Come join me at Strange Brew for the album release party Friday March 15th from 12:00pm to 12:45pm, the week of SXSW. You can find all the details on my Calendar for the month of March.

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